A degree is your arsenal for your aspirations but only the right kind of training can kick-start your dream career. As a company we believe in curiosity, innovation, and progress and we follow the very same philosophy when we bring to you our unique cross-functional trainee program “Jumpstart”.

Our especially designed trainee program pushes you to your technical, analytical and creative edge giving you the jump-start ideal for this dynamic industry. Whether you are a senior in college or just about to step out with your undergraduate/postgraduate degree, we give you the challenge to bring out your core potential and have fun along the way. Pakistan’s emerging market is the ideal platform to join ecommerce where there are 29,128,970 active Internet users and you find them increasing with each passing day. With the rise of social networks and gradual proliferation of mobile devices the ecommerce industry is targeting a turnover of $ 10 billion in the next few years alone.

The plethora of information at one’s fingertips has triggered a number of careers that trace deep into the heart of technology, marketing and creative arts.  We are at the epicenter of ecommerce trends, entrepreneurs, and product developers of the industry and this is your chance to be a part of this revolution! We are not talking about a desk and a conventional task, we do not expect you carry out coffee-runs or exhibit a tie instead we invite you to display your creativity and out-of-the-box-thinking. We believe in both competition and collaboration and encourage you to do the same. We look forward to your crazy schemes, are-you-kidding-me applications and your wackiest idea to date.

At 24hours.pk we offer you the opportunity to grow and shape your career in the following domains:

  • Technology (Software Development and IT Operations)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and Creative
  • Logistics

Experienced mentors, supportive peers and an emerging platform – all this and the exposure you need to take on the challenges of tomorrow!

We are looking for motivated and passionate team-players who are all geared up for a roller-coaster ride into the world of ecommerce and emerging technologies.

Application Process

To apply for our Jumpstart – Trainee Program, all you need to do is the fill out the form given below and submit with your resume/CV.

The recruitment process typically involves interviews and an online test at the head office. Please note the structure and criteria of this test varies according to the requirements of the respective trainee domain. Applicants invited for an interview will receive additional information on the next steps.